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Ship Surveys

ERAS holds the following certificates of approval: LRDNV-GLBV,  RINARMRSNKKABS. ERAS carries out thickness measurements for all types of vessels worldwide in dry dock, anchorage, and yards or during voyages. We carry out Class, CAP, CAS and steel work inspections according to Class Rules and customers orders.

For exact quotation our technicians will calculate quantity of points and expecting working time according to ships drawings and Class requirements. And then we offer three options of quotations: daily fee, fee per point, lump sum price. We avoid our clients from traveling organization difficulties because we do it ourselves.
Access Solutions
Depending on ships hull structure and ballast situation, we will plan access for work: Rafting, Rope access or temporary staging. Together with client we find solutions.
Class Surveys
All ships survey work is carried out in accordance with the latest Classification Society & IACS rules. ERAS holds current class approvals for the major societies together with all relevant reporting software.
For precision of thickness measurements our technicians are using the latest Krautkramer multiple-echo (through coating) thickness meters, accurate to 100th of millimeter.
Visual Inspections
  • Close up survey
  • Pitting survey(supported with Photography)
  • Damage survey(supported with Photography)
  • Draft sketches & diminution summary issued daily
  • Repair sketches issued daily
  • Onboard computer formatted reports
  • Classification standard software
  • Classification standard electronic formatted final report
  • Computer formatted repair sketches

Our Сapabilities

Work all worldwide

We perform all calculations after ultrasonic inspection

We have climbers for hard-to-reach and high-altitude work

We can utm-inspect the ship both in dry dock and at sea

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