ERAS best known for possession of many NDT control inspections and Rope Access, but there is plenty of other works not seen from outside — we are doing scheduled maintenance,  repairs, installations, coating upgrade and inspections. Our technicians have training needed for the works, up-to-date equipment and several years of experience. We guarantee our quality and fast work.

Non Destructive Testing

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

ERAS holds the following certificates of approval: LRDNV-GLBV,  RINARMRSNKKABS.  ERAS carries out thickness measurements for all types of vessels worldwide in dry dock, anchorage, and yards or during voyages. We carry out Class, CAP, CAS and steel work inspections according to Class Rules and customers orders.

All ships survey work is carried out in accordance with the latest Classification Society & IACS rules. ERAS holds current class approvals for the major societies together with all relevant reporting software.

For exact quotation our technicians will calculate quantity of points and expecting working time according to ships drawings and Class requirements. And then we offer three options of quotations: daily fee, fee per point, lump sum price. We avoid our clients from traveling organization difficulties because we do it ourselves.

For precision of thickness measurements our technicians are using the latest Krautkramer multiple-echo (through coating) thickness meters, accurate to 100th of millimeter.

Depending on ships hull structure and ballast situation, we will plan access for work: Rafting, Rope access or temporary staging. Together with client we find solutions.

Close up survey, Pitting survey(supported with Photography), Damage survey(supported with Photography)

Rope Access

Rope access allows performing of difficult works quickly and saves costs of alternative approach methods – scaffolds, mobile platforms, elevated platforms and heavy equipment.

Industrial rope access is a safe working method developed to highest industrial standards over the past 30 years. Although not very common in Finland, rope access, as developed by IRATA International, has a long history in construction, civil engineering and offshore oil and gas, and a well-developed system of training, practice, equipment management and planning routines that ensure quality and safety.

Our IRATA trained technicians are supervised by our own Level 3 supervisors who have a minimum of 2 years and 2,000 hours experience, but in many cases surpass the minimum requirements by many years and thousands of hours. IRATA standards exceed those under Finnish legislation, and in the case where our client’s requirements are even more strict than the standards dictated by IRATA, we would be happy to apply them as well.

All rope access works are planned well before start of works, exercised, if necessary, and rescue plans are well thought out in advance. This allows us to guarantee safety and also carry out work with the least amount of inconvenience to our clients.

Rope access allows fast access to complex work sites and saves both time and money needed for alternative means of access, such as scaffolding, lift equipment, platforms and the use of heavy transport equipment.

Rope Access Painting

ERAS  also provides rope access to painting. We do all the work quickly and efficiently, in accordance with the specifications and at very competitive prices.

Painting is one of the main activities associated with access to the rope. We provide trained and experienced painters as well as paint inspectors to ensure the optimum quality of our work.

As a solution provider, we can provide support to offshore maintenance companies to complete the scope of work and reach areas that could not otherwise be achieved using traditional access methods.

Working on many projects on land and at sea, we have both the experience and technical capabilities to fulfill the requirements of clients.

Wind Energy

We are an independent service provider covering most of the services needed by turbine operators — inspection by optics and drones and image analysis, rope access inspections and special measurements, repairs and additional solutions increasing life span, production or decreasing noise. We work with high quality materials and each technician spends several weeks each year in special trainings. Our works are documented and provided to customers in easy to follow format. ERAS have more than a decade’s experience in performing complex rope access works, difficult repairs and heavy installation tasks. We have experience with several blade manufacturers and perform repairs also in cold conditions and bearing productivity in mind.

Other works

ERAS performs numerous installation tasks in complex locations. Our competent technicians install, assemble, disassemble, weld or remove structures and fittings. We work on metal, concrete, composites, but also on old buildings and natural platforms. We work with cranes when lifting heavy loads and manage the work effectively and jointly with the lift equipment operators.

In windpower we have done installations that are among largest ever in Scandinavia and in very challenging conditions. In connection with installations, we have experience in setting up power supplies, transportation and waste removal efficiently and safely.


The “ERAS NDT Center” training center, which is a structural subdivision of the “ESTONIAN ROPE ACCESS SOLUTIONS” company in Tallinn, Estonia, offers training courses for personnel in the field of non-destructive testing.

“ERAS NDT Center” is recognized as a training center for training personnel in the field of NDT by the Personnel Certification Authority of the Belarusian State Institute of Standardization, Metrology and Quality Management (Belarusian State Institute for Advanced Training), which in turn is a recognized examination center of the Research Institute of Welding — Slovak Industrial Institute Republic for certification for compliance with the requirements of EN ISO 9712-2012.

More detailed information can be downloaded PDF file in English and Russian languages.